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CarPro – Cquartz Lite 150ml KitCarPro – Cquartz Lite 150ml Kit – is the ultimate enthusiast coating, it’s user friendly and easily applied whilst at the same time because it’s based on the incredible CQuartz UK Ceramic Coating Technology, it offers serious protection at a far more friendy price.

CarPro – Cquartz Lite 150ml Kit can be applied as a stand-alone ceramic coating lasting well in excess of 6 months or it can be used as a topcoat for existing CQuartz coatings! CQuartz Lite was designed for those that aren’t ready to make the plunge into the industry leading strength of our professional strength coatings but wish to enjoy some of the many benefits that only CQuartz coatings offer. Not only that but this is probably the best value true ceramic coating on the marketoffering 5 times as much product at a fraction of the price.

CarPro – Cquartz Lite 150ml Kit Lite bridges the gap between the less effective traditional sealant technology and traditional coatings that so many have come to love! The capabilities of CQuartz Lite include: easier to clean surfaces, resistance to insect splatter, petrol spills, light solvents, Acids, Alkali in a PH 3-12 range and harmful UV rays, whilst providing a beading contact angle of 110 Deg! In other words, CQuartz Lite helps keep your paint super glossy, well protected, beads like crazy, and washes off easy when properly maintained!

carPro CQuartz Lite is built on a combination of Sio2 and Tio2 particles with over 45% solid materials, as well as proprietary ingredients not made public outside of the lab! CQuartz Lite is a great option for professional detailers as an entry level coating or for the enthusiast who wants to try their first ceramic coating. Not only that, but CQuartz Lite can be use on any exterior surface of your car including paintwork, plastics, wheels and glass (except windscreen) and like otherCQuartz products, Lite is also matte paint safe!

This 150ml Kit contents:

150ml CQ Lite
2 x Microfibre hand applicators
1 x Carpro ultra short loop microfibre cloth
1 x 3M face mask



30 ml., 50 ml.


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