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CarCare-SB RESTOR – One step smart polish is a coarse polishing compound formulated for the fast reworking of heavily-weathered paintwork and elimination of deep scratches (up to P1500 grain), achieving an effective, progressive cut and and excellent gloss.
Restor uses “diminishing polish” technology. The cutting particles reduce in size as the product is worked, enabling the compound to progress from removing deep scratches to delivering a very high shine in a single application, without leaving swirls on all but the darkest paints.
Restor is a liquid compound designed to remove coarse scratches (Wool Pad) fine scratches (Foam Pad) from both fresh and fully cured coatings.
CarCare-SB RESTOR – One step smart polish produces a brilliant, ready to deliver high gloss finish. For enhanced high gloss finish and dark colors, follow with MIRROR. Safety data sheet available on request.
CUT 8.5
Advantages CarCare-SB RESTOR – One step smart polish:
• Silicone-free range includes cutting compound and finishing compound
• Use with D/A, Rotary, or by Hand
• Fast cutting and final hologram free finish.
• Two-step system reduces time and cost
• No dusting
• High gloss finish
• Successfully trialed by Detailers and Car Bodyshops.

Directions for use:
1. Pour 4-5 drops on polish pad
2. Speed range polish: Rotary 900-2100 rpm., D/A 3200-4800
3. Machine polish pressure: From light to medium
4. Work until full polish break down.

PRECAUTIONS: Recommended eyes and skin protection. Work in a ventilated area. Keep in dry cool place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in Ukraine



250 ml., 1 L.


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