Autosol Metal Polish, made in Germany, cleans and polishes metals to a brilliant high shine leaving a protective coating for future protection. The convenient 75ml paste tube offers concentrated cleaning power.
Autosol Metal Polish has been the world market leader in metal polishing since 1929. The paste formula in a 75ml tube offers 10x the polishing power of a liquid equivalent. The Autosol Metal Polish formula polishes: stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper and many more. Autosol Metal Polish removes common problems such as surface rust, discolouration, tarnishing, staining and oxidation with ease. The metal surface is left with an ultra-thin wax coating to prevent the surface from further degradation and corrosion. Autosol Metal Polish is certified by NSF International, a global public health and safety organization, and has been declared safe for use around food processing areas. This product is non-toxic and ammonia free, making it ideal for household, automotive or industrial use. Autosol Metal Polish is made in Germany.
Is this product for you?
Autosol is a metal polish that no garage or workshop should be without. The paste is effective to use on all metals however it’s especially effective on chrome, brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel. It’s also suitable for use in marine and household applications where metal is common even the kitchen sink!
How easy is it to apply?
It’s simple to apply, simply use a cloth or applicator pad in an overlapping motion in the desired areas. Apply moderate pressure where required and watch your metal be brought back to life.
Cleans, polishes, shines & protects
Suitable for all types of metal



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